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Currently one of the fastest ways to obtain permanent residency in Australia.

Are you an exceptionally talented individual looking to relocate to Australia?

If so, then this article is for you.

If you are looking for a fast-tracked visa with a streamlined pathway to permanent residency in Australia, then the Global Talent Independent (GTI) visa is probably your best option in comparison to other skilled migration visa’s, i.e. 189, 190 and 491 visa subclasses.

What is different about the GTI visa to other skilled migration visas.

  1. You can be over 45 years of age when you apply for the GTI visa.
  2. You only need to provide proof functional English (i.e., 4.5 in IELTS or 30 for PTE).
  3. It is generally processed much faster than other skilled migration visas.
  4. It is not a point tested visa.
  5. You do not require an employer to sponsor you.

The GTI visa program has been so successful that the Department of Home Affairs has increased its scope by adding more industry sectors from 7 to 10.

So what do you need to qualify for the GTI visa?

  1. You will need to fall into one of the following sectors:
    • DigiTech – includes:
      1. Advanced Digital
      2. Cyber security
      3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
      4. Quantum Information – includes advanced mathematics and statistics.
      5. Advanced digital
      6. Data Science
      7. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
    • Financial services and FinTech (technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services.
    • Energy
    • Education
    • Tourism and infrastructure
    • Health Industry
    • Resources 
    • Agri – food and AgTech (the application of technology to agriculture and food production)
    • Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and space (the area of industry dedicated to space technology and manufacturing, and the entire value chain of advanced manufacturing from research, design, logistics)
    • Circular Economy (an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. Circular systems employ reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, and recycling to create a closed loop system minimising waste and improving productivity of resources)

The above-mentioned sectors are very general and broad. Before you unilaterally decide that you do not fall into one of the above- mentioned sectors, please first contact us so we can make a professional and individual assessment in your case. Some of our clients have been pleasantly surprised when they found out that they do indeed fall into one of the specific sectors mentioned above.

2. In addition to the above mentioned industry sectors, you must have:

  • recently completed your PhD or almost be completed with your PhD (i.e. in your final 6 months)



  • Have a job offer to work in Australia with a salary equivalent or more than $153 600 AUD
  • You will be required to have a NOMINATOR – This can be an Australian organisation which has a national reputation in your field / an Australian citizen / permanent resident / an eligible New Zealand citizen (as defined in regulation 1.03 of Part 1 of the Migration Regulations 1994), that is your field of expertise. Your nominator must be willing to nominate you based on your exceptional and outstanding international achievements and able to explain how you will be of benefit to Australia.

So who could be your NOMINATOR?

  • Employer
  • An industry colleague
  • An academic colleague
  • An Australian industry body in your sector who has a national reputation. (for example, the Australian Computer society, ACS – will nominate individuals with an I.CT. and cyber security expertise)

To be eligible to apply for the GTI Visa, applicants must also:

  • Prove they are internationally recognised with evidence of outstanding and exceptional achievements
  • Still be prominent in their field
  • Provide evidence that they would be an asset to Australia, in their field of expertise. The applicant would be considered an asset to Australia if the applicant’s settlement in Australia will be ‘useful’ to and benefit the Australian public, not limited to the applicant and / or nominator, a prospective employer or the applicant’s local community. This word “benefit” would not only mean an economic benefit but could also refer to a social and /or cultural benefit to the Australian community.
  • Have no difficulty obtaining employment in Australia or becoming established in their field

Applicants must show an exceptional track record of professional achievement – This may include but is not limited to senior roles, any international work experience, professional awards, patents international publications, media articles and international memberships.

PhD graduates and students

  • To be eligible under the GTI Visa, PhD graduates must provide evidence that they have completed their studies in a one of the above-mentioned sectors in the last 3 years or are close to completing their PhD. They will have to show that before they commenced their PhD, they already had a prior record of exceptional and outstanding achievement.
  • All PhD graduates and students must also provide evidence that their qualification meets Australian standards. They must provide evidence that they are exceptional and outstanding and that their research has international significance.

Immigration Lawyer Brisbane

Here at Stephens & Tozer, we have experience in Global Talent visas. We are happy to assess your eligibility followed by a confidential consultation with one of solicitors.

If the above-mentioned sectors don’t apply to you, please contact us as there are other pathways to permanent residency in Australia. We have Australia Student Visa consultants on our team who can help you if applicable to your case.

Yossi Witkowsky is both an Australian and Internationally qualified solicitor at Stephens & Tozer. He is also an Australian registered migration agent (MARN: 2016516) and is extensively experienced in the Global Talent Visa Program.  

Should you be interested in a pathway to Australia then you should contact


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