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In a recent announcement, the Department of Home Affairs introduced the commencement of the subclass 870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa. Applications to sponsor a parent for the new visa will be open from 17 April 2019.

Under this visa, a sponsored parent will be permitted to stay in Australia for a continuous period of up to five years. After this period, a parent will have a single opportunity to renew the visa for a further five years. As this is still a temporary visa, parents will have to depart Australia, or apply for a different visa, after they have held the subclass 870 for the maximum 10 year period.

The new visa is intended to provide an alternative option to the short-term Visitor visas and limited permanent Parent visas, to give parents the chance to reunite with their children and grandchildren over a sustained period of time. Parents are still eligible to apply for Visitor visas and/or permanent Parent visas.

Applications for the subclass 870 visa are expected to open from 1 July 2019.

Are you eligible to sponsor a parent?

To sponsor a parent for the new visa, sponsors must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a sponsor/parent relationship. The parent must be biological, adoptive, or a step-parent if they are still in a married/de facto relationship with a biological parent of the sponsor;
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Be an Australian citizen/permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who has been a resident in Australia for four years;
  • Have met any prior sponsorship obligations;
  • Have no debts to the Commonwealth or public health debts;
  • Meet the minimum household income threshold. Sponsors will be financially responsible for their parents;
  • Provide police clearances for any country they have spent more than 12 months cumulatively in during the past 10 years;
  • Have no adverse information unless it is reasonable to disregard the information;
  • Authorise information to be shared with the visa applicant.

When a sponsor has been approved, the visa applicant will be able to lodge their visa application. Visa applications must be lodged within six months of sponsorship approval.

Limited Availability

There will be a limit of 15,000 Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visas granted annually. Given the application process is likely to be competitive, it is important to submit an application as soon as submissions open up.

Visa cost

The cost of the subclass 870 visa will be $5,000 for a visa of up to three years’ duration, or $10,000 for a visa of up to five years’ duration.

If you need assistance with submitting an application for the subclass 870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa, please contact Stephens & Tozer today.

Heba Bou Orm is undertaking placement at Stephens & Tozer Solicitors, gaining experience in a wide range of legal practice areas, including migration law. Our migration team actively practice in visa applications, visa refusals and cancellations, and Australian citizenship. Should you have any questions or concerns in relation to migration law, please contact our team at Stephens & Tozer today. 

3 April 2019

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