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We at Stephens & Tozer understand that losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult times anyone can go through, and worrying about legal and financial matters should be the last thing on our minds. Get in touch with an estate lawyer from Stephens & Tozer to start planning for your or your loved one’s Will.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Our estate planning lawyer has been regularly assisting clients with their Estate planning arrangements. This assistance can include Powers of Attorney, Simple Wills, more complex Wills with testamentary trusts, restructuring of your affairs, gifts during a person’s lifetime, severing of real estate joint tenancies, and binding death benefit superannuation nominations and Advance Health Directives.

Planning and having a Will with a wills and estates lawyer helps you pass on specific items to dedicated family members or friends when you pass away. These assets can be of both financial and sentimental value.

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We can help you with the planning, administration and litigation of your Will. Speak with Stephens & Tozer today, and we’ll help you with your Will. We have also extended our services to benefit clients from Sydney and the Gold Coast, as well as those from outside Australia.
Additionally, you can also turn to us whenever you require Will dispute lawyers in Brisbane. We can assist you in interpreting the validity and legality of existing Wills by getting in touch with us today.

Benefits Of Making A Will With The Help of an Estate Lawyer

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Reduce the stress for your loved ones

Wills and estate lawyers from Brisbane will prepare your Will, your Enduring Power of Attorney, and your Advanced Health Directive for an affordable fixed fee. Rest easy that your family will go through the grieving process easier, knowing that finances and assets are well-taken care of by an estate lawyer.

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Reduce the chance of a dispute

Reduce the Chances of Having Disputes Estate disputes arise when a person wishes to contest a Will or to seek further provisions from the estate. Let our conveyancing lawyers from Brisbane meticulously create your Will with your best interests in mind-free from ambiguity, loopholes and misinterpretation.

How can Wills and Estates Lawyers Help?

It may be tempting to write your own Will, either from a template downloaded from the internet or a Will Kit. However, this can be problematic as the laws in each jurisdiction are different and strict as to what constitutes a valid Will, meaning your do-it-yourself Will may not achieve your wishes or cause difficulties for the Court to approve.

Contact Stephens & Tozer to discuss your Will, whether you have one already or require an entirely new Will.

We are only too pleased to assist you with recording your testamentary wishes and ensure that what you want done after your passing is safe and assured.

Feel free to call us on 07 30340 3888, and I, along with estate lawyers from Stephens & Tozer Solicitors, will be ready to speak with you about your Will or any other estate planning matters.

Why we all need a Valid Will?

Firstly, what happens if you die without a Will?

Some people believe that your belongings will automatically go to the government if you die without a Will. This notion is simply incorrect. However, if you do die without a Will, your belongings are distributed per the intestacy laws. These laws are complicated and may not reflect your wishes. It also increases the risk of litigation, which can be costly to your estate.

Having a Will provides certainty as to who benefits from your estate. It also gives you assurance about who is appointed to handle your affairs after you pass away. Wills can also deal with funeral wishes and testamentary guardians for minor children. In more recent times, Wills have begun to include what shall become of your digital assets and social media accounts.

Nobody enjoys contemplating their mortality, and you may be saying, “But I’m healthy and still young”. However, situations such as accidents or illnesses may occur without notice, and you could be left incapable of making a Will.

I Already Have a Will

Will lawyers from Brisbane can review your existing Will to adjust for certain circumstances. Some examples of life events that should trigger a review of your Will are:

  • Marriage, Civil Union or de Facto Relationship
  • Separation or Divorce
  • The Passing of a Beneficiary, an Executor or Someone Else Contemplated in your Will
  • Change of your Assets or Personal Circumstances
  • Changes to your Testamentary Wishes

Please feel free to get in touch with your deceased estate lawyers from Brisbane for any enquiry you might have, including the cost of making a will with a solicitor in Brisbane. We look forward to serving your interests to the best of our abilities.

Getting A Will Made Easy For You

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Contact An Expert Lawyer

Speak to a friendly expert lawyer at Stephens & Tozer

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We Gather Your Details

Details about you, your executors and beneficiaries are gathered

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Allocate And Divide Your Assets

We help you put together your Will but most of all will respect your personal decisions.

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Get the Documents Signed

Once you are happy with the Will, you sign in front of 2 witnesses

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Your Will Is Stored For Safekeeping

When the Will is complete and signed, we make copies of the documentation and store it for safekeeping

At Stephens & Tozer, we offer:
Estate Planning
We will prepare your Will, your Enduring Power of Attorney, and your Advanced Health Directive for an affordable fixed fee. In addition, we offer complimentary safe custody storage of your documents.
Estate Administration
This involves the administration and finalisation of an estate, which includes:
  • obtaining a grant of probate
  • settling estate debts
  • transferring property to beneficiaries
Estate Litigation

Estate disputes arise when a person wishes to contest a Will or to seek further provisions from the estate.

Reach out to us today to let us know what will service you need and our team of friendly and professional lawyers will help you through the process.

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