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Real property can be one of the most valuable assets one can own. So, when it comes to property, one shouldn’t leave everything to chance. Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell properties or settle disputes, we can help you smoothen out the wrinkles.

Additionally, you can also turn to Stephens & Tozer if you’re in need of intellectual property lawyers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sydney.

At Stephens & Tozer, we can assign you with a dedicated residential or commercial property lawyer to assist you in several areas, including:

Buying and selling residential property
Buying and selling commercial property
Property disputes


How Can the Property Lawyers from Stephens & Tozer Help You?

Real Property Law is about assisting clients in managing their rights and responsibilities as landowners, as well as providing transactional advice to maximize the value of their properties.  Acquisitions and disposals, leasing, development, joint ventures, estate management, and funding arrangements are all areas where Stephens & Tozer commercial property lawyers can help.

At Stephens & Tozer, a property lawyer may also represent clients in real estate and property issues, while conveyancing is the main emphasis of residential property solicitors. The typical clientele is property developers, institutional investors, real estate funds, corporations, retailers, utilities firms, and financial institutions.


Commercial vs. Residential Real Properties

A commercial building is used for business purposes, and it is commonly used in offices, shops, schools, and industries, among other places. A commercial construction company must be aware that a single structure and design can accommodate various business types.

On the other hand, a residential building is usually a residence or structure with the primary goal of housing people to live in it. Single-family homes, duplexes, and townhouses are all examples of residential development. A multi-residential apartment complex is sometimes misidentified as a residential building; however, it is classified as a commercial building because it is used to lease property.


Get Residential Property Lawyers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sydney

In Australia, real property law refers to all areas of practice, including the regulations governing the acquisition, transfer, and retaining of land. These rules were created through common law as well as federal and state legislation.

The acquisition or disposition of land are examples of transactional property matters. This could be anything from a simple domestic conveyancing transaction to the sale or purchase of a significant asset like a shopping mall or commercial office building.

A property lawyer may conduct thorough legal, due diligence on the property that their client is considering purchasing in more complicated transactions. Large-scale transactions may also necessitate the practitioner’s assistance with strategy and structuring, complicated title and planning difficulties, and federal, state, and local taxation regulations.


How Does a Commercial Property Lawyer Make the Process Easier for You?

In arranging, counselling, and negotiating leases, including retail, commercial, and industrial leases, property solicitors usually act for landlords or renters. Because the retail leasing industry is now heavily regulated in all Australian jurisdictions, property solicitors must be well-versed in the relevant regulations when dealing with leasing concerns.

Stephens & Tozer Property lawyers frequently assist their clients in ensuring that they comply with retail laws. Regarding legal issues affecting the administration of landowner’s assets, leasing attorneys often engage directly with property managers.

Additionally, Stephens & Tozer property lawyers are frequently called upon to provide advice on property development in addition to their core practice areas. Given Australia’s recent period of significant urban development, their practice often crosses into other practice areas like planning and environmental law, building law, and finance law.


A Commercial Property Lawyer May Assist You With:

  • Preparing Proposals for Land Development
  • Providing Information on Allowed Property Use and Zoning
  • Aiding with the Acquisition of Appropriate Permits, including but not limited to: Specific Trading Licenses, Industrial Licenses, Liquor Licenses and Parking Permits
  • General Compliance with State Regulations
  • Assist with Development Financing, Partnerships and Joint Ventures


Why Choose a Property Lawyer from Stephens & Tozer?

Stephens & Tozer maintains what sets us apart from other firms is our ongoing personal relationship and assistance to our clients. The firm’s mission is to achieve this and provide adequate and timely counsel to our clients.

Our objective is to continue to strive for excellence in everything we do, and it is our goal to structure our service to you as a high-quality, cost-effective solution. Get in touch with our property lawyers today.



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