Visa Refusals & Cancellations

Administrative Appeals Tribunal:

If the Department of Home Affairs made the decision to refuse or cancel your visa, you may be able to apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to review the Department’s decision.

We will prepare and lodge your application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a fixed fee.

After the application is lodged, we can then act as your representative throughout the review process. As your representative, we will communicate with the Tribunal on your behalf, prepare the necessary paperwork and evidence, and represent you at the hearing.

After the hearing, the Tribunal will make a decision as to whether the Department was right to refuse or cancel your visa. This process proves to be successful in achieving our clients’ objectives.


Federal Circuit Court of Australia:

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia can review decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal if there is belief that a jurisdictional error has been made. The Court does not consider whether a visa should have been granted or not – instead, the Court determines if the decision was made in accordance with the law.

Our migration team has extensive knowledge of migration law and can assess whether an error has been made. We can prepare and file the necessary Court documents on your behalf, and accompany you at the hearing.


Ministerial Intervention:

In some circumstances, the Minister of Home Affairs has the power to replace a decision made by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, with a more favourable decision, if the Minister thinks it is in the public interest to do so.

We can assess whether you can make a request for Ministerial Intervention, and we can prepare the request on your behalf.


If you wish to have a migration decision reviewed, contact us today, as strict time limits do apply.

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