The TSS Visa is a Temporary Work Visa which permits the holder to live and work in Australia full-time for a sponsoring Australian Employer. Dependant family members can be included in the Application.

Provided certain pathways are taken, an Applicant may be able to progress to Permanent Residency.

The TSS Visa comprises two occupational lists – the short term and medium-long term streams. Short term occupations are eligible for visas up to 2 years, whilst medium-long term occupations for up to 4 years. Short term occupations may also proceed to Permanent Residence; however, professional guidance is advisable as to the possible pathways.

Sponsors must meet salary and labour market testing guidelines; whilst Applicants must attain certain English language levels, have character clearances, at least 2 years of relevant work experience, plus at times an assessment of their work experience and qualifications.