The Department of Immigration & Border Protection is now the Department for Home Affairs.

Usually at six (6) monthly intervals, the Occupation Lists for various Visas changes. For your peace of mind Applications and Nominations that have been lodged prior to the changes in the Occupation List are not affected by the new Lists.

Whilst it is critical you make a specific enquiry about an Occupation that you are interested in, we provide the following information:

(a)     Added to the STSOL are the Occupations of Property Manager, Psychotherapist and Real Estate Representative. Moved from STSOL to the MLTSSL are the occupations of Horse Breeder and Management Consultant. Removed from the Lists are Building Associate and Hair or Beauty Salon Manager.

(b)     Caveats or changes to Caveats have been introduced for Accommodation and Hospitality Managers, Management Accountant, Massage Therapist, Recruitment Consultant, Supply and Distribution Manager and Taxation Accountant.