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The entire migration process can be simplified, with the right advice and guidance from your migration lawyer in Brisbane. Let Stephens & Tozer’s experienced Lawyers listen to your situation and we will do our best to provide you with the most straightforward pathway.

At Stephens & Tozer, you will have the best immigration lawyer in Brisbane looking out for your best interests in the areas of:

Visa applications
Visa refusals and cancellations
Global Talent Visa
Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)
Australian citizenship
Covid-19 and extending your Visa
Hong Kong Visa options


Immigration Lawyer Brisbane

Rodney Sahay (MARN: 9363880), who leads the migration lawyer Brisbane team, has over 30 years of migration experience, and has been involved in thousands of matters during his time as a Lawyer and Migration Agent. His expertise and knowledge regularly results in successful outcomes for our clients.

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Why Choose Stephens & Tozer as your immigration lawyer in Brisbane?

Stephens & Tozer’s seasoned team of professionals has a long history of providing practical legal strategies along with innovative approaches to help our clients achieve their goals.

We embrace our heritage as a modern legal firm, and we remain confident in our commitment to providing genuine value to our clients. Our goal is to build solid relationships with our clients to deliver excellent results cost-effectively and professionally.

Immigration law in Australia is complicated and often difficult to understand, especially in the current situation. Whether recommending the most effective visa pathway, preparing and lodging your visa application, or advising you on a visa refusal or cancellation, our experienced lawyers will give succinct and competent assistance on any migration concern.

Affordable Brisbane Migration Lawyer

Our law firm believes that everyone should have access to high-quality legal representation and advice. We’ve made it our job to strive for quality at every stage of the process because of this sincere conviction. We place a high value on all of our clients’ resources, including their time and money, which is where timely and efficient services come in—value for money and efficient use of your time with us.

Established Immigration Lawyer Brisbane

Your team of Brisbane immigration lawyers is unified by a history of legal practice spanning more than a century. Since our founding, our firm’s objective has been to establish itself as a respected legal services provider. We are driven by the desire to be recognized as the best immigration lawyers in Brisbane in everything we do.

Personalised Immigration Advice

Our time in the service has taught us that no two situations are the same, and this is why we take as much time as we need to understand your challenges. From the minute you contact our office, a personal relationship is formed based on value, respect, and a firm commitment to client satisfaction.

How Can Stephens & Tozer Immigration Lawyer Help?

Do you want to work or live in Australia, but you’re not sure if you should contact an immigration lawyer? Immigration demands a considerable amount of paperwork and a thorough awareness of the country’s procedural structure which is subject to frequent changes.

 As a result, understanding immigration laws, regulations, and procedures is a significant task that you should not take a chance with or do alone.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Lawyers

Knowledgeable immigration lawyers at Stephens & Tozer can readily guide you through the process of migrating to Australia. They can explain various choices unique to your case because they are well-versed in immigration rules and procedures and are continually informed on new regulatory developments. They can assist you in thoroughly understanding your circumstances, whether it is working lawfully in Australia, gaining permanent residency or citizenship, or obtaining a spousal visa.  With  Stephens & Tozer you will have the benefit of many years of experience and knowledge which has changed the lives of many clients.

Handles the Paperwork

To be successful in your application, you must correctly fill out forms and other paperwork. If you make a mistake, your application may be rejected entirely. With the help of Stephens & Tozer’s solicitors in Brisbane City, you can guarantee that all of the necessary documents are complete, correct, and presented on time for the authorities to approve them.

Staying on Top

Stephens & Tozer’s team of Migration lawyers  are solely responsible for tracking your petition once all of the necessary requirements have been filed to the appropriate agencies. They can initiate inquiries and respond rapidly to additional information or explanation requests. They can also assist you with the appeals process, explaining why a petition was denied and how to proceed with the appeal.

Protecting Your Rights

Hiring an immigration lawyer means having someone familiar with your entire case and who can represent you at every stage. Your lawyer will act in your best interests, protect you from being used or abused, and defend your rights when speaking about your case.


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