Valentine’s Day is here – a day that is all about love. It’s no wonder that it is such a popular day to get engaged. With the recent passing of the same-sex marriage laws, even more people will be popping the question this Valentine’s Day.

It is a well-known tradition to present a ring to your significant other when proposing. Diamonds are forever, and once you’ve said yes, the ring is yours forever. There is one condition, however. Engagement rings are a gift conditional upon getting married. It’s simple. If you want to keep your ring, then all you have to do is make it down the aisle.

The law has compared an engagement to a commercial contract. Two people have promised that they would marry one another. It’s a formal agreement. When you accept the ring, you are also accepting the condition to get married. If there is no marriage, then the condition is not fulfilled and the ring will have to be returned to the giver.

Of course, the law extends beyond rings and may be applied to any gift that is given in contemplation of marriage.

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14 February 2018

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