Hong Kong Visa Options

The Australian government has introduced new and extended visa options for students and skilled workers from Hong Kong.

This is available to former, current and future students from Hong Kong.

What’s more, there are pathways to permanent residency for applicants from Hong Kong, including temporary skilled visa holders.
The same applies to future temporary skilled visa holders with a pathway to permanent residency.

To find out if you are eligible and for assistance with your application, enquire with Stephens and Tozer Solicitors.

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Whether you are looking for advice on finding the right Visa option for you or needing assistance with your Administrative Appeals Tribunal, we can help you.

We understand that the migration process can be a long process, especially in these difficult times. If you need someone to represent you for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or just general advice, speak with us today. With professional assistance, you can avoid the Visa application process becoming necessarily complex and costly.

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