Sam Tozer studied Law at the University of Sydney in the days before a university was established in Queensland. While there, he was Secretary of the Sydney University First XV from 1898 to 1899 and Treasurer in 1900. After graduating in law, he was admitted to practice as a Solicitor in Queensland and, in 1904, formed the firm of Stephens & Tozer with Llewellyn Stephens.

Una Prentice was the first person to graduate from the Faculty of Law at the University of Queensland in 1938 and was also the first woman to be admitted to the bar in Queensland. Initially, she encountered considerable opposition to her employment because she was a woman. No solicitor she approached would employ a female articled clerk and she was unable to obtain employment in any government office. Eventually, she accepted an offer to catalogue a book collection of Sir James Blair, who had just retired as Chief Justice, and which became the core collection of the Law Library of the University of Queensland.

During World War 2, there was a shortage of lawyers and she was offered a job with the Commonwealth Crown Solicitor in 1940. She was the first female lawyer to be employed in the department and performed legal and bookkeeping duties. However, she was paid as a typist, the only salary scale for women working in the department. In 1946, because the Commonwealth did not employ married women, she resigned to marry Anthony Graham Prentice and joined him in the firm of Stephens & Tozer.

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