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Understand the BASICS

It is important to understand the value of an AAT hearing. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has the power to review decisions made by the Immigration Department.

What is a Review?

This is when the AAT considers the case afresh.

In our view, this allows you to “re-submit” your case. It is a golden opportunity. It allows us to :

  • Consider what was previously submitted to the immigration department,
  • Review and assess what was decided by a delegate of the Immigration Department,
  • Clarify and/or expand on what was previously submitted.

More importantly, have a window to carefully prepare and submit new information and documents not previously provided to the Department!!

This could be critical to have a successful result.

Having this “second bite” could be the difference.

Doing it right would make the difference between success and failure.

Considerations for AAT Application

Note the following:

  • There are time limits for filing for an AAT Appeal
  • There is an AAT fee payable. Currently, and usually is $1,826.00.
  • Who is able to apply for a review?
  • Members of the Applicant are able to combine their Applications.
  • A successful result would result in 50% of the Application fee being refunded.
  • The Minister and Department are not represented at the Tribunal.

Applicants are required to attend the AAT hearing. Normally, Applicants are required to make their submissions and provide sworn evidence to the Tribunal member.

AAT Brisbane and Beyond

We submit carefully written submissions with supporting documentation. This incorporates legal authorities(cases) with factual information.

At Stephens & Tozer Solicitors, the Immigration Team is headed by Rodney Sahay.

We are proud to have achieved many successful outcomes for our clients in the most difficult of cases. Our arguments are based on the most intricate detail, we act in the utmost interest of our clients.

If you are interested in more information or have an AAT/Immigration application with which you need assistance, contact Stephens and Tozer Solicitors.

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